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June 24, 2018
Cross-disciplinary and international teams create the future city of Matosinhos, Portugal

June 24, 2018
UIIN conference in London brings over 500 passionate delegates together

Dr. Lina Landinez

Dr. Lina Landinez
Lecturer on Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

+49 (0) 251 83-65599

Short bio

My name is Lina Landinez. I come from Colombia and do my PhD at The University of Adelaide on the topic of “The nexus between Social Capital and Technological Transitions in a high-technology industry”. I have completed a Masters in the Economics of Science and Innovation at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

I own a dual citizenship: my origin is Colombian and due to my life in Adelaide I am also an Australian Citizen.
I benefit from the PhD program of Münster School of business that enables PhD candidates to visit and work for a semester or two. I'm very much looking forward to working with the Department starting 1st of September 2016.

During this semester I will be teaching “Research Methods” and “International Business Project” in the Masters of International Marketing & Sales, and “Innovation Marketing” in the Bachelor program. I will also contribute to the “Summer School” in the International Student Program and join some activities in the CALA program.

Due the proximity of my PhD topic with the S2B Marketing Research topics, I am located at Johann-Krane-Weg 27. My email is landinez@fh-muenster.de
I would be very happy to get in contact with you. I look forward to working at the FB this semester.

Publications (1)

Conference papers (1)

Schmidt, A.; Petzold, N.; Landinez, L. (2017): MANAGING DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIONS - UNDERSTANDING THE INTERDEPENDENCE OF FACTORS SHAPING THE PROCESS OVER TIME”, in: Proceedings: 18th International CINet Conference: Digitalization and Innovation: Designing the organization of the future, pp. 722-726

Presentations (1)

Petzold, N.; Landinez, L.; Baaken, T. (2016): Disruptive Innovation as a Process. A Systematic Review, 9th Process Symposium Workshop, Kos, Greece.


For more information, please contact:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken
Managing Director of the Research Centre "Science Marketing"

Professor in Technology Marketing and B-to-B Marketing at Münster University of Applied Sciences

+49 (0) 251 83-65690

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